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Our mission

At Skewb our ethos is centered around collaboration with our Clients to deliver the right outcomes.  Our approach is diverse in terms of the background of our people who come from the utilities industry and have hands on experience in heading up successful programmes including Asset Management & Capital Works projects. 

We will translate your network asset problem statements into robust programmes of work with clear and simple outcomes and we will engage with & bring your people along the journey to success.

Our Services

Asset Investment Planning

Asset investment Optimisation

Data Analysis & Insights

Risk & Cost Intelligence

Portfolio Planning

Transformation & Delivery

Capabilities, Systems & Processes

Skills/Capabilities & Culture

Performance drumbeat


Operational Excellence

Optimising Resources

Streamlining end to end processes

Output & Delivery focused

Quality Assurance

Project Controls

Project Implementation & Delivery

Data Analytics & Insights

Time, Cost, Quality

PMO tools & governance

Project Implementation

Successful Project Implementation requires alignment of the overall business strategy and project delivery.

Identifying projects that meet company objectives and can be delivered with available resource and to budget is crucial to meeting performance expectations.

Asset Investment Planning

Good asset management decision-making underpins everything that water companies do,
in terms of investing in the right areas and operating efficiently and effectively on behalf of customers, the environment and communities.

Ensuring we derive that value from decision-making is important, as is being able to understand the value of your asset management interventions and investments.

Why do we need to prioritise investment in our Assets?

  • Ageing assets are likely to cause higher failure rates in terms of the pipe network and supporting assets (pumps, meters, pressure valves).
  • The availability and quality of data is poor and more than often not real time.
  • Out of sync pressure managed areas cause transients within the network leading to water quality issues and leaks.

Population growth often means the network no longer meets the asset standard in terms of a “good” model.

What we can do:

Risk Assessment –  We assess the risk of the asset; what’s the consequence of failure is and the likelihood. How do these affect the business drivers? The consequence must link to the Business Drivers (safety, finance, compliance, reputation, resilience)

Competency Assessment – What’s your confidence level in cost estimations (cost models)

Risk Management – What are our options?

Live with risk and do nothing

Live with risk and increase the incoming of info

Operate the network in a different way

Plan for repair or replacement programme

An ageing workforce with no effective succession planning causing skills shortage & lack of historical knowledge

No attraction to the industry

Leadership isn’t utilising knowledge from the field

Culture and Behaviour

We need to be able to accurately prioritise risks to determine best value investment

  • Determining the criticality of an asset not just for its particular function, but the other functions it supports
  • No plan for succession (e.g., asset knowledge transfer)
  • Often a comprehensive criticality analysis has not been conducted
  • Cyber-related exposures and threats are constantly evolving and this is not often considered in terms of Asset data sharing and reporting
  • Risk management controls vary in application and affect exposure of each asset
  • Cross sector working is not common and should include inter-relation of exposures/risks
  • Determining the priority of asset management based on related risks is an involved process. Assuming you have obtained enough quality asset information and have a reasonable understanding of control systems in general, technology can be used to relieve some of these challenges
Culture & Behaviours
Skills & Capabilities
Governance & Controls
Systems Thinking
Integrated approach to whole system thinking

Monitoring; Control; Planning & Scheduling
Planning Optimisation
Outage Management
Asset Investment Prioritisation
Asset Health
Investment Drivers & Needs Case
Alignment to Business Outcomes
Data Analysis & Insights
'One version of truth’
Data is an asset
Outputs & Performance
Risk & Cost Intelligence
Criticality & Performance
Consequence & Likelihood
Unit Cost & Cost Models

Transformation & Delivery

We are focused on delivering outcomes with pace, simplicity, adaptability, visibility and in collaboration with you.
We focus on the “why?”, the vision of your business, end goals and outcomes you are trying to achieve.

Capabilities, Services & Processes

Review & report on current approach.


Local measures and controls

Systems & Technology

Review current enablers and look for improvements

Partner/ Supply Chain Optimisation

Improve service levels from incumbents

People/ Culture & Skills

Identify the right people with the appropriate skills

Performance Management

Regular reporting of performance matrices

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