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18 May 2023

STUCK IN NEUTRAL? How bold policies, digital platforms and accelerated delivery could address water neutrality challenges.
Wind the clock back to 2009, the world is reeling from the ever expanding financial crisis, Gordon Brown is precariously....

18 May 2023

Dani's dWRMP round-up - are we doing enough for customers?
Water companies are required to publish Water Resource Management Plans (WRMPs) every 5 years. The plans set out how companies....

18 May 2023

Poppys Regional WRMP Round-Up - Running out of water
By 2050, England and Wales are facing a shortfall of over 4 billion litres of water a day due to....

23 September 2022

Tommy Williams is a Senior Business Consultant at Skewb, in particular focusing on process-led initiatives.
Tommy is passionate about embedding process driven decision making and culture within companies........

10 August 2022

Strategic partnership with Journey4
Working together by bringing our combined strengths to support clients to transform.......

9 August 2022

Skewb Ltd and South East Water UK’s Developer Services team
Recently Skewb Ltd worked with South East Water UK’s Developer Services team to run a Diagnostics to understand how they....

24 July 2022

Skewb Ltd are pleased to announce that we have now become a Waterwise Affiliate!
Passionate about transforming Water and Energy Utilities, helping clients identify areas for improvement and proactively addressing environmental and climate change.......

22 April 2022

5 R's Philosophy
Jasmin Kamal shares with us her self-made 5 R's Philosophy, a tool for delivering transformational change whilst collaborating with key stakeholders.....

31 March 2022

Leakage: Time to Change
Tony Summerscales is a leading leakage practitioner and Technical Director at Skewb. Tony is passionate about creating sustainable changes for....
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