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Our mission

Environmental destruction is real, and targets are admirable, but what all businesses need is real business change that makes a difference and delivers tangible solutions to becoming net zero and beyond.

This is Skewb Green.

Our purpose

We bring a wealth of business transformation experience and knowledge across the industry, we have the skills to deliver and bring innovative ideas, products and services to support net zero and wider sustainability ambitions.

Our Action

We can remove the uncertainty and help you develop and deliver a robust net zero strategy. We will help you understand the risks and opportunities facing your business and help you develop strategic and tactical targets, objectives and actions, identifying quick wins and help you establish a roadmap, delivery programme and narrative to support your net zero ambitions.


Bringing together environmental health, social wellbeing and economic growth in order to create thriving, healthy, diverse and resilient communities for this generation and generations to come.

Net Zero

Put simply, net zero is a target of removing the amount of greenhouse gases produced by human activity, primarily by reducing emissions and implementing methods of absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.


ESG is a framework that captures and reports on all non-financial risks and opportunities inherent to a company’s day to day activities relating to Environmental, Social and Governance.

Our Focus

Sustainability, Net Zero and ESG are linked: one is an aspiration, one is a key performance indicator and the other is the measurement. Since no single approach applies to all organisations, each must adopt a customised strategy which aligns to its unique purpose and mission. It is ESG which enables the organisation to measure its overall sustainability (including net zero).

Core Products and Services

Our go-green experts are here to help you.

Skewb Green Health Check
Full assessment across 6 key pillars evaluating your sustainability, net zero and ESG ambitions, performance and delivery approach providing actionable insight.
Sustainability & Net Zero Visioning Package
Facilitated sessions to identify your future ambitions with clear and actionable commitments presented in a e-strategy or e-sustainability commitment including website and social media content.
Digital Carbon Toolkit
Simple, effective and easy to implement digital solutions that drive carbon emission reporting and net zero improvement throughout your full supply chain.
Go-Green Customer & Employee Change Programme
Busting the jargon and net zero myths to connect everyone to your vision, drive cultural change and deliver your net zero plan.
Complete Net Zero Delivery Solution
Dedicated Skewb Green team that provides full end-to-end net zero programme delivery achieving defined outcomes.

Your Journey

Where you start and how long it takes can vary for each organisation depending on pace, priorities and scale of activities. 

Skewb Green provides a range of solutions to support each stage of your journey.

Preparing the Ground

You have identified key challenges, risks and opportunities. You understand the sustainability journey you are about to embark on and is considering the roadmap / delivery programme required.

Planting Seeds

You have developed a robust strategy which has been launched with a clear plan of action. This plan is focused on fixing the basics and key pain points, and will gain creditability both internally and externally.

Green Shoots

You have improvements (end-to-end) underway, aligned to targets and to drive performance. Key stakeholders are engaged and supportive in order to achieve net zero targets.

Full Growth

You have implemented, or nearing completion of, all net zero enablers, meeting net zero targets and realising benefits. This is being widely communicated and informing campaigns to drive reputational performance.


You have achieved net zero and continue to demonstrate year-on-year improvement.  You have developed a further plans to achieve net positive, which is demonstrating market leading attributes.

Leading the Team

Lizzie Hill
Head of Programmes

Lizzie is a highly skilled Programme and Change manager and has led several complex transformation programmes delivering real change and significant benefits. She has experience across the Utilities sector (Energy & Water), Social Housing, Local Government and the Private Sector. 

Susan Stockwell
Managing Director

Susan is a visionary leader with over 20 years experience of revolutionising organisations through customer experience, digital transformation and sustainability. Susan has held three Executive Director roles across Utilities and Social Housing.

Jo Fielding-Cooke
Client Director

Jo is passionate about the preservation of our planet and supporting clients to reduce corporate carbon emissions, with experience establishing positive relationships in partnership/stakeholder management & developing ambitious strategies in water utilities & housing sectors. 

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