We offer a structured, holistic approach to leakage to deliver sustainable performance improvement.

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Making it easy for your customers to do business with you, with our Customer Centric Journeys.

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Digital Capabilities

Our digital philosophy is to create lightweight digital solutions that focus on business outcomes.

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Street Works

Together we can create a roadmap for success.

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Works & Field Force Management

Bringing visibility, efficiency and productivity to field and work management.

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Water & Energy Efficiency

Identifying water and energy usage levels to prioritise opportunities which will deliver sustainable results.

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Bringing excellence and innovation to utilities.

We provide support across the Water & Energy sectors.

We support our clients by providing solutions to their key challenges:

1. How do we achieve our committed targets to regulators & shareholders?
2. How do we operate efficiently and reduce costs?
3. How do we improve customer experience?
4. How do we manage and mitigate regulatory risk?

We work with you to deliver business outcomes.

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We deliver our services based on our experience of what works, and in a way we know is achievable.

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