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Works & Field Force Management

Utilities tend to have large mobile workforces carrying out structured activities in the field, maintaining and repairing assets and responding to emergency situations. These mobile workforces are provided and maintained at high financial cost to the Utilities. So increasing the operating efficiency via optimisation of these mobile workforces is seen as a key area to help achieve and meet customer expectations, regulatory and legislative targets, reduce financial costs and thus increase profitability.

When looking at the key challenges and issues surrounding service & mobile workforce optimisation, there are three key areas Utilities should look at when considering how to increase performance and efficiency, these are People, Process & Technology.

Utilising our cross industry experience, we have developed solutions, to help meet and alleviate the challenges that a mobile workforce can cause.

Our flexible Work and Field Management solution offers a holistic approach to transforming how a mobile work force operates, performs and is managed. We can address all aspects from team structures and roles, to processes and procedures, performance and development as well as provide cloud-based planning and scheduling platform to support the day to day management of the teams.

Our cloud-based platform offers sophisticated functionality, with the ability to leverage technologies such as IoT and robotics to ensure the optimal performance against defined customer business benefits. Our platform is highly configurable, easy-to-use and can be integrated into different business solution contexts – from Metering to Maintenance & Repairs.

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