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Water & Energy Efficiency

Water & Energy Efficiency
Working together to build a sustainable future.

Water & Energy Efficiency

Water efficiency continues to climb the board room agenda as the sector grapples with balancing supply & demand, meeting future population growth and embracing the net zero challenge. In the South East alone up to one-third of water sources could be lost through climate change, while the population grows by up to a quarter.

In the UK the economic damage of severe drought restrictions could be as much as £1.3 billion per day to the economy. The Committee on Climate Change has identified it as a major risk and the National Infrastructure Commission made a series of recommendations to ensure our water supplies are resilient and fit for the future.

Globally too, water shortages are routinely recognised as a top-five risk by the World Economic Forum. The crisis in Cape Town demonstrates that “Day Zero” is a tangible risk – but one which can be mitigated by proactive action.

With around a quarter of domestic energy bills linked to hot water use, the link between water and energy efficiency adds a new dimension for practical action.

Our team at Skewb can work with you to:

  • Develop your demand management strategies
  • Support project management of your action plans
  • Implement the latest industry innovation to ensure success
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