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Business outcomes driving water efficiency.


Water Utilities have, on average, committed to a 15% reduction in leakage over this regulatory period (AMP7). Our clients have made significant investments in various technologies to improve the efficacy of their detection and repair operations.  

Skewb’s proprietary RRM (Right Information, Right Action, Measured Outcome) leakage model is a structured approach to targeting, planning and repairing of leaks and measuring leakage outcomes in real time.

Our leakage practitioners will work alongside all your teams to achieve your leakage targets by using our SMART leakage offerings – Smart Forecasting, Smart Detection, Smart Validation, Smart Fix, Smart Measurement

We can reduce your leakage and your spend by:

  • We help you capture and understand your data, using our platforms to analyse your data, track trends and visualise ‘hot spots’
  • We help ensure you take the right action, on the right assets at the right time
  • We help you measure your outcomes, track your interventions and identify the impact

flowchart of right information, flowchart of right action and flowchart of measured outcome
executive repair performance diagram
skewb interface design

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