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Digital Capabilities

Digital Capabilities
Digital capabilities which deliver innovation, progress and growth.

Digital Capabilities

Digital has fundamentally changed the world as we know it. To remain competitive and meet Customer expectations, the Utility sector must look at how they can make better use of technology.

Our digital philosophy is to create lightweight digital solutions that focus on business outcomes. Our digital frameworks consume data from existing client enterprise systems and apply utilities-bespoke algorithms and Artificial Intelligence approaches to outperform your commitments to your customers, boards and Regulators.

All of our solutions adhere to Skewb’s 5-Digital operating principles shown below.

Flexible Solutions Model

Cloud-based solutions available to clients using PaaS, SaaS or On-prem basis. Digital Solutions can be accessed via Managed Service or can be embedded in your organization by our change consultants

Predict – Sense – Act paradigm

Our platforms implement forecasting and learning algorithms sense and predict asset and customer conditions and trigger automated intervention workflows to react appropriately

Quantifiable outcomes

Our solutions don’t just provide MI about the processes which they implement. By default, they also incorporate near-real-time cost, efficiency or regulatory (incentives or penalties) metrics

Rapid roll-out & payback periods

Data-services and platform-centric approaches facilitate quick deployment for clients to achieve business objectives in accelerated timeframes

Customer centric approach

We have proactive solutions that implement individualized customer journeys resulting in better customer interactions with their Utility


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