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Tommy Williams is a Senior Business Consultant at Skewb

Tommy Williams is a Senior Business Consultant at Skewb, in particular focusing on process-led initiatives.

23 September 2022

Tommy is passionate about embedding process driven decision making and culture within companies, ensuring process improvements are sustainable and lead to positive outcomes. Using his experience across various industries, he is assisting our clients to develop their approach to process management and operational excellence.

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In hectic, fast paced business environments, it can be difficult to understand and improve upon your day to day activities. This is where having accurate processes and procedures becomes so important. Whether these are documented at a basic level in PowerPoint or Visio, or using a more advanced toolkit such as ProcedureFlow or ARIS, just having that view of what you actually do is vital to enabling accountability, productivity and continuous improvement. Some of the key benefits I’d like to highlight are below:


The simplest benefit of having accurate process documentation is the clarity it provides to employees. Being able to see on a page what you are meant to be doing day to day and understand the positive outcome you’re delivering, both within your own team and end to end across other teams, can really empower your workforce.


Maintaining accurate process documentation also provides a backbone to your training material. Creating both process maps and more detailed step-by-step procedures allows you to both re-train current members of staff, as well as generating a smoother onboarding for new starters.

Ownership + Accountability

Having process documentation means you can clearly assign Process Owners both to individual processes (creating a purchase order), as well as end to end processes (procure to pay). This puts someone on point as the SME for the business, and that accountability is a key enabler in driving a culture focused on productivity and continually striving for improvement.

Continuous Improvement

Propelling your business forward can often seem a difficult task, but having a clear view of how your business operates day to day is the best way of spotting inefficiencies and designing initiatives to help improve. No process is ever perfect and continuous improvement is key, so having everything mapped and documented will enable this. Additionally, when going through transformational change, processes become even more vital as it allows you to pinpoint where a new system or change initiative will affect your business the most, meaning you can easily identify how your as-is processes will transform into their to-be state.

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