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5 R’s Philosophy

5 R's Philosophy

22 April 2022

Jasmin Kamal shares with us her self-made 5 R’s Philosophy, a tool for delivering transformational change whilst collaborating with key stakeholders. An article well worth reading.
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Jasmin Kamal
A fellow Skewber, Jasmin Kamal shares below her self-made “5 R Philosophy”, but first, get to know Jasmin a little bit more:

“An energetic, customer focused professional with a passion for delivering excellence. I thrive on overseeing and implementing development strategies to create high performing teams and invest in people. Have a proven track record of end-to-end tailored transformation by leading teams to define scope, plan and deliver organisational change, whilst achieving SLAs in an operational environment. Proactively working in collaboration with clients and key partners to identify, design and embed new ways of working. My career spans over 20 years of driving performance strategy and transformation in the Policing, Transport, and the Water sector.”

After conducting a lot of research over the years I have developed ‘The 5 R philosophy’, which have proven to be a great tool for delivering transformational change. ”

I used the 5 R’s philosophy to successfully devise a tailored transformation plan to provide solutions whilst collaborating with key stakeholders:
1. Redesign KPI’s: Review key metrics and devise proactive checks to be completed to ensure processes are being managed.
2. Regaining Confidence: Review staff competency and productivity. Engage and collaborate with partners and internal stakeholders.
3. Retrain staff to increase capability and consistency.
4. Reinvigorate processes to improve accountability and clarity of functionality.
5. Refine the environment and roles to ensure we have the right people in the right positions and the working environment provides optimum performance.

Process Confirmation
Once transformational change is deployed, it is imperative that we ensure the changes are embedded and sustained, such that our business benefits can be fully realised.
The Process Confirmation stage is a series of questions targeted to help us understand the success of the differing elements of the change across People, Processes, Technology, Training and Organisational structure.
The process confirmation has been aligned to the success of the organisations defined capability maturity model, both within the control and monitoring functions and a defined vision for all to achieve. It is paramount that there is a clear framework of governance and communication strategy throughout the process, both internally and with the client.

Key successes of delivery:

  • Increase in skillset from within the team
  • Standardisation of processes to provide a consistent service
  • Introduction of daily ‘pacesetters’ – creating the drumbeat of the organisation on key metrics/risks/mitigations and proactively tackling operational issues whilst providing assurance to the wider business
  • Reduced seconds on the I2S calculator
  • Regaining confidence from the wider business
  • Improved relationships with external stakeholders
  • Becoming active members in national forums that bring the industry together and share best practise for continuous improvement.
  • Shifting from a reactive to Planned Mindset shift through initiatives to bolster production planning, seasonal readiness, burst water main management, abstraction licence management and asset availability

Essentially, once you understand the individual client’s needs and agree ‘what exam question you are answering’, use the 5 R’s to really nail the design and content of your tailored transformation plan.

Please do get in touch if you’d like to get into the detail.

Jasmin Kamal | LinkedIn

Jasmin Kamal shares with us her self-made 5 R’s Philosophy, a tool for delivering transformational change whilst collaborating with key stakeholders. An article well worth reading. hashtag#Skewb hashtag#transformation hashtag#collaboration hashtag#change

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